Faculty:Faculty of SciencesDepartment:Mathematics
Program:MSc Mathematics (Evening)Admissions:Fall-2019
NOTE: Only those applicants are eligible to Deposit Fee/dues who have studied Mathematics A and B courses in BSc.
Sr.# Form # Name Father Name Gender Matric Inter Graduation(14 Years) Merit
ObtainedTotal25% ObtainedTotal25% ObtainedTotal 50%
1 B2154 AYMAN MASOOD MUHAMMAD MASOODURRASHEED Female 748 110017670 110015.234808003062.23
2 B2343 ALLAH DITTAH ABDUL MAJEED Male 780 105018.57683 110015.5245080028.1362.22
3 MB0607 ZAFAR IQBAL ZAFAR MUHAMMAD SARWAR Male 827 105019.69779 110017.739780024.8162.21


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